Our project became the winner of the second competition of the Presidential Grants Fund in 2022

The project of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Union of the NIO "Museum of Our Childhood" was among the winners of the second competition for grants from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society in 2022.

The Museum of Our Childhood is a project about the life of this last "lamp" generation, about the exposition of technology, things and attributes that can literally turn back time by 30-50 years and see how much our life has changed, how everyday life has changed and how technology has changed for this time. The same technique that went through our hands. This is a project about history, life and everyday life through the things that surrounded us, about radio, television, newspapers and magazines, films on reels and VHS tapes, vinyl records, toys and games. Our project is about people, about a sense of nostalgia, belonging and pride, about family and family values, about stories and memories, about people whose everyday life, aspirations and everyday decisions influenced the course of history. The essence of the project: the collection of actual exhibits of home appliances "from those times" to form a thematic exposition where a person of generation Y can be in his childhood.

We will tell more about our project in the news, on the museum website and in social networks, we will invite everyone to our events and exhibitions. We thank the Presidential Grants Fund for supporting our initiative!


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