The first results of the project "Forget can not be saved"

Dear friends, a little more than a month has passed since the beginning of our project "Forgetting cannot be saved! Monumental Industrial Art of Krasnoyarsk", which is supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, but in this short time the project team and volunteers managed to do a lot:

1) Find more than 30 (!) works of monumental artists in Krasnoyarsk;

2) Conduct their primary photo shooting. By the way, there are works that we know about, but have not yet photographed. For example "Flight" on Mira.

3) Hold a field event and a presentation of the project on Cosmonautics Day in a cinema partner;

4) Broadcast on the radio with stories about our projects;

5) Conduct several excursions in the museum. We've only just begun.

Now we are looking for archival materials in order to show you lost works, historical photos and other materials that will help make the project even more interesting! Thanks for the help and support of the volunteers.

You can attach your photos and descriptions to them in the comments to the records or in the albums:

Monumental industrial art of Krasnoyarsk:

From the archives. Lost: Tours: 


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