Victory in the V. Potanin grant competition

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation has summed up the results of the grant competition for magistracy teachers 21/22. This year, 150 teachers of the master's program became winners. They will receive a grant of up to 500 thousand rubles for the implementation of their projects.

Deputy Director, Associate Professor of IKIT SibFU Anna Anatolyevna Voroshilova is among the winners of the competition with the project "New online course "Modern problems of cybernetics" (in English)", which is intended for undergraduates in the direction 09.04.04 - Program Engineering, a new master's program - Software Engineering and Cybernetics, enrollment for which began in 2021.

The purpose of the course is to develop the skills of applying the methods of classical cybernetics to the problems of software engineering. The study of the discipline will allow the masters to develop the competencies necessary for the successful solution of current problems related to the creation and operation of complex self-adaptable and scalable software systems. Teaching the course in English will improve the English language skills of undergraduates in the professional field for communicating with foreign colleagues, speaking at international scientific conferences and seminars, publishing articles in rating journals indexed in citation and analytical databases. Studying the course involves reading and analyzing sources on cybernetics in the original, many of which are written by foreign authors - the founders of cybernetics. Independent work of students in the developed course will be based on interactive tasks, which will stimulate interest in their passage. Interactive lectures with questions for understanding the material, surveys, test tasks will allow students to receive real-time feedback, take the course at a convenient and free time from work. The Wiki element in the course will allow students to create group pages in English similar to website development, which is especially important for undergraduates in software engineering. Live communication through online platforms for holding webinars, on the one hand, will improve the skills of spoken English, and, on the other hand, will provide an opportunity to prepare for speaking in English online, to master modern ways of online communication.


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