MIP Computing-III 2021 indexed

The Proceedings of MIP Computing-III 2021 published in CEUR.WS.org - Volume 2899 have been indexed in Scopus. Materials are downloadув in ELibrary.

This volume contains the papers presented at the III International Workshop on Modeling, Information Processing and Computing (MIP: Computing-2021) held on 28 May 2021 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The Workshop MIP: Computing-2021 was jointly organized by the International and Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations (Moscow, Russia), Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall and Siberian Scientific Centre DNIT (Krasnoyarsk, Russia). Bukhara State Engineering Technological Institute (Bukhara, Uzbekistan) was the partner university at the Workshop. The main partner organizations in preparing and organizing as well in sponsoring the Workshop in Krasnoyarsk as well as of the previous scientific events were Siberian Federal University, JSC “Academician M. F. Reshetnev Information satellite systems” and Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the Workshop was to share the experience of leading experts in the application of innovative information technologies, mathematical modelling and intelligent systems in science and engineering, industrial production, education, data protection. The main directions of the Workshop were as follows: Cybernetics, Computation and Simulation Modeling; Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics; Information Technologies, Software Reliability and Data Protection; Information Processing, Software Engineering and Applications. The international scope of the Workshop was confirmed by the participation of representatives from about 30 foreign and Russian universities and research centers.


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