The winners of the Small Space Odyssey were awarded in Krasnoyarsk

This week, the results were summed up and the winners of the next stage of the youth scientific and educational project "Small Space Odyssey" were awarded, which is held under the auspices of the Krasnoyarsk House of Science and Technology and the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Russian Engineering Union with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

Special lectures, video conferences, master classes with the pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Lazutkin A.I., former vice-rector of the Siberian Aerospace University Filatov V.V., employees of the Siberian rescue team of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia and other specialists of enterprises of rocket and space technology were organized for the children ...

For several months, the project participants, including schoolchildren from schools in Krasnoyarsk, Kansk, as well as students of the Aerospace College, remotely studied the development and production of rocket and space technology, the device of manned spacecraft and the international space station. Separate blocks were held classes on the system of survival of the crew in case of landing in an off-design place, the organization of emergency communications, determining their location and providing first aid.

The project leaders were identified after they completed special tasks, including those of a creative nature.

Among the winners who received awards are the following participants:

Awarded for project activities: Arseny Kuznetsov, Daria Dashkova, Vladislav Pashkovets, Serob Petrosyan, Ksenia Pchelina, Ksenia Gorbolysova, Maxim Prakhov, Maxim Shakhranov, Anastasia Turlakova, Nikolai Kovalev, Anna Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Istomin.

Yaroslav Shitikov received a diploma for winning the photo contest.


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