Victory in the competition of the Regional Fund of Science

Krasnoyarsk Regional Science and Technology City Hall is among the winners of the Project Competition for the organization of All-Russian (national) and international scientific conferences in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the interests of the first world-class climatic Scientific and Educational Center "Yenisei Siberia", which was held by the Krasnoyarsk Regional …

Face-to-face session of CAMSTECH-III and NTO-II

On July 29, 2022, the Krasnoyarsk House of Science and Technology held a full-time plenary session of the III International Scientific Conference CAMSTech-III-2022: Modern Advances in Materials Science and Technology - III International Scientific Conference on Advances in Materials Science and Technology and II All-Russian Conference NTO-2 " Science, technology, …

Working with the museum fund

The arrangement of the museum zone in the House of Science and Technology is in full swing. The portrait gallery of Honored Inventors and Innovators has already been moved, and the Museum of Our Childhood, a project supported by the Presidential Grants Fund, is being decorated. And the fund of …


Training center CURSUS

We conduct author's advanced training courses in various sectors of the economy and industry. We are recruiting for retraining courses, creating unique training programs for staff of medium and small businesses. Education is conducted on the basis of the License for the implementation of educational activities. Training is conducted both …

Industrial art of Krasnoyarsk. You can't forget to save!

Project “Industrial Art of Krasnoyarsk. Forgetting cannot be saved! is aimed at preserving and protecting monumental works of industrial art that tell about the path of labor prowess of Krasnoyarsk citizens, their contribution to the development of the country, to the common cause of Victory, space exploration and domestication of …

Business school for teenagers "Startup Papa"

A business school for schoolchildren, where they become leaders, create their own business and earn their first money at the age of 12-18, learning from existing entrepreneurs.

Publications and books

Publications and booksof the Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall of the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations

Mini Museum of Inventions

Portrait gallery of inventors of the Siberian Region, 3D models of inventions and a fascinating interactive tour of the inventions of the 50s.

Small Space Odyssey

A unique educational project for students in grades 9-11, implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. The author of the project is pilot-cosmonaut A.I. Lazutkin.


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