Exit session of MKO24 in the Kansk Orphanage named after Yu.A. Gagarin

On September 16, the team of the Small Space Odyssey project under the leadership of the author of the project, Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin, visited the city of Kansk. This was the first face-to-face meeting with the crew from the Kansk Orphanage. Yu.A. Gagarin in 2020. The rich …

We are implementing the project "Small space odyssey" (Kansk Orphanage named after Y. A. Gagarin)

For almost two years, the pupils of the Kansk Orphanage named after YA Gagarin are friends with the pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Ivanovich Lazutkin. He twice visited us, presented the museum of the institution with rare space gifts. This year the guys met the hero of Russia online. AI Lazutkin and the …

Pre-defense of projects by the participants of the Small Space Odyssey

On September 15, 2020 at the Krasnoyarsk House of Science and Technology, the participants pre-defended their projects. The main consultant and expert was the author of the project, pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin. One of the most interesting on this day was the project claiming victory, developed by the Sirius crew by …


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Mini Museum of Inventions

Portrait gallery of inventors of the Siberian Region, 3D models of inventions and a fascinating interactive tour of the inventions of the 50s.

Small Space Odyssey

A unique educational project for students in grades 9-11, implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. The author of the project is pilot-cosmonaut A.I. Lazutkin.


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